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Hi, I'm Jill.

I’m a US Army vet & executive career coach who helps mid-career military veterans become better leaders, storytellers and community builders.

building your new mission

From deployment to employment

Tailored coaching for mid-career veterans who are ready to redefine their professional journey, strengthen their networks, and embrace new opportunities with confidence.

Navigate, Network, Succeed:

Tell a new career story

Vets often struggle to translate their extensive military experience into terms that resonate in the civilian job market. They face difficulties in articulating their skills in a way that aligns with civilian career opportunities, which leads to roles where they can’t fully realize their potential.Vets also frequently encounter obstacles in building new professional networks; they also can lack the confidence they need to pursue more visible and influential leadership roles.Without targeted support and training, these highly motivated, disciplined and skilled professionals risk missing out on more fulfilling career opportunities, which can affect their financial stability, personal growth, and professional satisfaction.I provide comprehensive coaching & training tailored specifically to address the unique challenges faced by mid-career veterans transitioning to civilian careers. I focus on skill translation and personal brand storytelling, helping you articulate your extensive military experience in terms that resonate with civilian employers. Through workshops and working together one-on-one, I can train you in more effective communication skills and teach advanced networking techniques to expand your professional circles. I’ll also provide confidence-building exercises and ongoing career coaching, empowering you to pursue more visible and influential roles that fully use your skills.My goal is to ensure that my clients are not only prepared to navigate the job market but are also positioned to thrive in it. My approach aligns your unique experiences and capabilities with meaningful career opportunities, enhancing your financial stability, personal growth, and professional standing.

veteran-to-veteran coaching

About me

Jill Hinton Wolfe with german shepherd.

I’m an expert in veteran transitions and a military veteran myself who offers personalized training & coaching designed to bridge the gap between military and civilian careers.With a focus on personal branding and strategic networking, I can help you craft and convey a unique professional identity, connecting your past experience with future ambitions.

My Approach

My Training Approach

  • PERSONAL BRAND STORYTELLING: Unlock the power of your personal brand by defining and articulating your professional narrative in a way that captivates employers.

  • STRATEGIC NETWORKING: Master the art of networking to build connections that open doors to new career opportunities.

  • CONFIDENCE & VISIBILITY: Gain the confidence to step into visible and influential roles through targeted confidence building.

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